Can the dolls be given to children? Are they fragile? 
The dolls aren't necessarily fragile, except for their clay shoes - if you drop one I promise it won't break into a million pieces. HOWEVER, they can easily be torn apart, (but why would anyone want to do that?!), being that they are simply made from felted wool. With that being said, I would encourage to keep them out of the hands of smaller children. 

A nice doll stand and safe place on your desk or mantel is the perfect place for these ladies to live! 

Where do you order your materials? 
The majority of my wool is ordered from Paradise Fibers, located in Spokane Washington. They have a very large inventory of materials, ship quickly and their super friendly! They're always having a sell, so if you love a good discount - I know I do - check them out. 

Most of the fabrics used are either purchased at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store, scraps from clothing or old handmade weavings. 

How long does it take to make each doll? 
It generally takes about 5 - 6 hours to create each figure - that includes their faces, hair, limbs, clothes and shoes.  

Do you accept requests for custom work? 
Of course! If you're scrolling through the shop and maybe don't see one that feels right, or you've just come up with a super cute idea for you new friend, shoot  me an email and we'll discuss all the details. 

How do you name each doll? 
I generally keep a list of names that I've come across, or heard and it stuck with me. I go back and forth between looking at the doll and the list and assigning each little lady a name that feels just right and fits their personality. 




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